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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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everyone, i am kristen welker in for kate snow. we start with the breaking news. in this video he was asked about comments about mexicans coming to the united states. >> when mexico sends their people, they're not sending their best, they're not sending you, they're not sending you. >> they're sending people that have a lot of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crimes and rapists and some i assume are good people. >> you probably remember that speech. after those comments, two celebrity chefs, withdrew on deals to operate restaurants at trump's hotel. he sued them.
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msnbc's ari melbourne is joining me now. what are we learning? >> what we are learning is there are more than one donald trump, he's at times concise and thoughtful and appears to be someone who knows how to handle a deposition which makes sense since he's been in two and a half lawsuits. and one of the other conversations point here and other debates was whether all of this that he had said about immigration and mexican immigrants have unfairly affected his business or his potential business partners no longer which is why they are in court. take a listen to this discussion, brand new airing here on msnbc for the first time as they talk about the effect on business and employees. >> with respect to the speech that you made and specifically
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the focus on mexicans and immigrants, did you write the statement in advance, was it written? >> no. >> and, did you plan in advance what you were going to say? >> yes. >> did you talk to other people about it? >> no. >> did you give any thoughts to the effect that your statement relative to mexicans and immigrants would have on tenants in your current or future projects. >> no, i did not. i didn't at all. >> that's donald trump saying basically whatever he says in his campaign kickoff about some mexicans and immigrants being criminal orr racist, he did not look at that being affected from his business. we hear from donald trump all the time but not usually under oath.
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kristen, i believe we have one other clip where we can play it now. >> do you think that it is possible that your comments would make it difficult for him to higher staffs or attract patients. >> yeah, i can see, perhaps it is. . i have been saying these things for years. i have been saying from before december. >> that's an important exchange because number one, you see donald trump con seeding something, yeah, maybe the way i talk about some people have made it harder for a business partner to hire people ex plexplicitly here. number two, to be fair of donald trump, he makes the point under oath, you know me, i talk this way for a long time.
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they should have known or by or be ware who they are in business with. >> striking how candid this deposition is and does give us insights into donald trump. don't go anywhere, i want to ask you something else that stood out to me in this deposition. he was asked whether or not he prepared for this? >> tell us that in exchange. >> lets look at it and i will tell you afterwards. >> what did you do to prepare for a deposition. >> i would say nothing. i spoke with my counselors and we just proceed. >> dyou did not look at
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documents? >> no, i did not. >> his point as of the debates and many things he does, this time under oath, no, i don't need to prepare because i am good enough. the only other point is lawyers will often council their clients not to be too prepared or look at too much evidence because it increases what they could be asked about. that maybe legal strategy reenforcing the way donald trump is already is which is hey, as he like to say, he's got this. >> fascinating look at this developing story, ari, thank you, we'll be watching to see how quickly it will start on the campaign trail. jacob rascon is with the donald trump campaign out in michigan. have you gotten any reaction from the campaign yet? >> no, there is not been any reaction. >> reporter: i knew this was coming of course, and the attorneys from the trump campaign blocking this from happening and agreeing there was
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no threat or good reasonable reason from keeping it happening. some news for trump is this tweet storm started at 3:00 a.m. trump responded for those criticizing him for being up early tweeting. for those knocking me for tweeting in the morning, at least you know i will be there awake to answer the calls. he's talking about his stamina a lot that he's always ready for the call. that made a lot of sense for him to come back with that and not letting it go. lets read a couple of the tweets from earlier in case anybody missed them. while crooked hillary was duped and used by the media and by miss universe, -- he goes onto talk about how hillary believes that he thought she was a pair gone of virtue, that's bad
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judgment. she said he w he said she was conned. he's doubling down on this in a similar way he doubled down with judge curiel. it is interesting to me kristen that in talking with his supporters that most of them and all of them agree and talking with them for a while and they'll blame the media. when you get down to it, they think if this is good or not for trump. they almost and all of them say this is bad and this is not good, they're baiting him and taking the debate. he needs to move on and talking things about national security and benghazi. we are getting a lot of advice from his supporters. his hard core supporters are saying no, this is not good, that of course is not a good sign, kristen. >> jacob, that has to be one of the most fascinating developments of the day. his supporters typically supported him no matter what he's doing and i have been
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watching your interviews throughout the day, really good stuff. appreciate it. >> well, we learned a short time ago that hillary clinton called alicia machado this afternoon, she's making the round in florida today. we are expecting her in coral r sprin springs, florida, that's where msnbc's katie hunt is right here. >> hey, we are just landing here in fort lauderdale. we have not seen anyone protesting that event. we did have some protests at the last one. it was not a usual site. this particular group was loud and ruckus. inside the event, hillary clinton giving a speech on national service, she has not yet made a mention of alicia machado. she did talk to her on the phone
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as she was driving to the airport. the press told us that alicia machado told hillary clinton that she will be voting in the fall and it will be her first time voting as an american citizen. clinton today focusing on this idea of national service, this is one of her speeches under the theme stronger together, it is aimed at putting a positive hillary clinton forward while contrasting donald trump. take a look at what she had to say. >> this is the choice. do we lift each other up or do we tear each other down? [ applause ] do we listen and respect each other or do we point fingers and insult each other? well, i will tell you which side i am going to be on and with your help, we are going demonstrate on november 8th what kind of country we really are.
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>> reporter: she did that whole speech without mentioning donald trump's name and keeping to that theme of trying to be on the positive side, and all that explicit jabs at her opponent and we are expecting she will get more political at this event in coral rsprings late today. kristen. >> we'll be listening. i know how tough it is to pull off those bus live shots. great job. thanks so much. >> reporter: thank you. >> as we have been talking about a lot of conversations today of early morning tweet storms, talking more about alicia machado and all the development news today. in joined by the senior adviser from the trump campaign, it is great to see you, boris, it is great to see you. >> sure, kristen. >> i am doing well. lets talk about this deposition that we just played on our air. >> it is revealing and he essentially said he did think
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about the speech beforehand and which he says mexicans are not bringing their best of being rapists and criminals. to what extent this is becoming a problem? >> the clinton campaign using anything. the video you showed of hillary clinton and i literally thought that was the snl sketch, it looks similar there. as far as this issue, it is been out there and it is old news and mr. trump approaches a deposition just like he should. so the american people do get to see another side of mr. trump there, somebody that's under oath and taking it seriously. if anything, this goes against those arguments.
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>> boris, what we hear himself saying is he does not think the impact of his words are going to have on his patrons and those who he's going to do business with. >> right. >> is that potentially problematic. we are so close to election day right now. could that type of admission potentially hurt him? >> not at all. what he's saying is when he's running for president and started running for president, he speaks on behalf of the american people, what's best for the american people. it does cause some submission along the way. look at the families that's been broken by the murders. >> or committed by illegal immigrants. what you are characterizing by political correctness and among women as well frankly. i guess i am asking out of the politics of this. a lot of people would understand
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that point but does this type of revealing deposition that's so candid and not feed into of some of those stereotypes driven of those key groups away from him. we are doing well in ohio and pennsylvania and you go across the country, obviously, it is the clinton cam. he's trying to u this is a deposition that we see of donald trump. i would like to see a full transcript of hillary clinton about issues that matters to americans. >> well, speaking of the issues that matters to america, we all woke up to this tweet storm from donald trump over niepght. i was already up. >> i am sorry? >> i was already up. >> you keep longer hours than i
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do. >> were you disappointed though, boris? >> you talk about the issues and this is not talking about the issues, this is having an individual fight with the individual >> they're use thg ing as a pro talking about how she called her today, great. >> the call she made to bob bennett who was her attorney and where she's threaten with them with naked pictures. donald trump should be able to protect themselves and defend himself and that's what he's doing just like he will defend this country when he's president. >> with the tweet storm presidential, does it not complicate his argument that he wants to stick to the issues like creating jobs which he have said and he gotten side track. he's taking the clinton campaign bait and doing exactly what they hope he's going to do. >> talking about jobs and about
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them and security. >> he's not doing that with alicia machado. >> what he's doing is he's pushing back against the clinton bullying machine which has been bullying women for deck kaades and now trying to bully donald trump and believe me, it is not going to work. you will see a strength of a man is going to push back on isis and not let it grow like hillary clinton did. >> would you advise donald trump to drop this back and forth with alicia machado. >> the back and forth was with the clinton campaign. they're trying to use dirty tricks like that and bringing mark cuban to the debate and the trump cam is swimming lapse in the head of the clinton campaign. we are leading all over the country. they're not going to work and mr. trump will make sure he pushes back at every term and that's what he will do. >> let me ask you about this
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lady reporting in the washington post which found that trump foundation never obtained the certification that new york requires for charity so they can solicit money from the public. have you spoken to mr. trump on that? >> he's reaching for -- >> are you disputing the claim? >> i am not an attorney for the trump foundation. the trump foundation to my knowledge have been in full coordination wi with all rules regulations. he has not done so but he's trying to wait six months of his life and all of them are falling flat. >> lets take a look at the latest polling that we are getting in on the wake of the first debate on monday night. it show that is hillary clinton up by a few moipoints in the ke battleground states, that includes, michigan, new
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hampshire and nevada. this is here, 46 to 42% and when you look at this, boris, are you concerned that the first debate, donald trump's first debate performance maybe contributing to these numbers. >> not at all. the media goes in a frenzy and saying donald trump did not do well when we all know that he did >> i am concerned that his mic maybe broken. the commission on the debate came out and says there were microphone issues. i want to make sure it does not happen. this is supposed to be even handed. mic issues aside, does mr. trump need to do a better job preparing for the next debate. you were kacandid act the fact he will do a mock debate. >> i am not sure what you meant
12:18 pm
about being candid. mr. trump was fully prepared for the first debate and the other debate and continuing to deliver the message on national security and i hope the commissioner on debate does not mess it up this time. >> is he going to do anything differently before this second and important debate coming up. >> it is not about the process. it is about the debate, it is going to be great because it is a town hall and he will be able to speak directly to those voters and not just a moderator who interrupted mr. trump 16 times and did not interrupt hillary clinton. >> we'll leave it aside and a lot of folks are proud of the job. >> lester holt worked hard there but if you look at the number, it does not add up. hillary clinton did get an easier treatment. >> thank you very much for take k so much time to join us, we appreciate it senior adviser,
12:19 pm
boris, thank you. >> have a great weekend. we want to turn to team clinton. president and kceo, she's a hillary clinton supporter and hillary's 2008 policy director. thank you for being here. >> lets start with the breaking news and this deposition. you look that the and you think that could be news in a political ad. do you anticipate, would you advise the clinton campaign to take the ball and run with that video? should they stick to the issues? >> i think this video and the testimony we heard really goes to a president tern with donald trump which is his disregard for the impact of his words. when you are president of the united states, your words have impact on americans and people around the world and the fact that he's so carelessly disregard and people are going to hear those words and what affected that. we'll see it in an ad. there is so much that you can take from donald trump, i do
12:20 pm
think the visuals of him being decomposed or interesting, i think that maybe part of it. who knows. he could do so much better. >> one of the things that become fonder and i refer to it as bait, of the story of the alicia machado. donald trump had taken the ball and run with it. do you think this will be some bumps for hillary clinton a. >> i think we are seeing the debate has a real impact, hillary clinton has moved up in a number of states. nevada which was pretty neck and neck, she's moving 6.7. people look at the debate and more importantly looked at how donald trump responded to the debate. they're looking at this in realtime and asking themselves, does a person who's baited by a
12:21 pm
citizen, who's tweeting at 3:00 in the morning, is that person ready to have their finger on the nuclear codes. that's the decision we are making as a country. can he me commandbe commander i. we are seeing him dealing with stress right now and he's dealing with it terribly. republicans are moving to support hillary clinton because they recognize the stakes. >> let me ask you about one of the points that was raised. i am not going to get into what they have raised. she threatened a judge in venezuela, this is something she has not denied doing. is she a person who the clinton campaign to be using to attack donald trump, any regrets about that? >> no one is using alicia machado. she has her story to tell. she's getting her story out
12:22 pm
there. what's really pathetic. >> is she a credible person? >> it is not able credibility. the issue is she was attacked viciously by donald trump. no one in the trump campaign is disputing that. they're using the apparatus of the entire trump campaign and right wing media to go after this woman to use all their power to bully her and silence her her. i think it is great that she's not going to be silent. he had not once denied that he called her a house maid or fat or miss piggy. she's standing by all those words. that's what is offended by the treatment of a woman who worked for him. she was his employees and she was treated so terribly and no one is denying that. they just want to do a character
12:23 pm
attack against her. >> i would ask you about one of the biggest challenges that secretary clinton is facing and that's support among younger voters. i was with her and senator sanders in new hampshire. some of the things unh students said to me, they have trouble trusting her. is it too late at this point in time? >> i don't think it is too late. hillary has to show them that she's going to be a dham i don't know champion for them. i do think people have to recognize that start difference, i mean the idea that someone from senator sanders and going to gary johnson that opposes senator sanders on every issues, gary johnson is for getting rid of social security and he's for lowering corporate taxes and giving power to wall street.
12:24 pm
millennials, they're issue base. hillary has to prove that she will be an advocate for them and she will. you will see it in that regard. i am getting a hard wrap. how concerned are you of gary johnson and jill stein. i think one the most important issues was on monday night that hillary was able to move her numbers a lot. she's done that with a lot of groups. millenials are getting more assured. i am confident that she will be able to have and rally a lot of them and recognizing that she has to be their advocate. she will do that. thank you very much for being in the studio. >> great to be here. >> coming up, human error or
12:25 pm
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i did my morning commute to midtown manhattan, i suspect that there won't be very long before we have some answers. the woman is interviewed at some point soon. the ntsb and other authorities are over it and i expect we have answers soon. >> no suspicion of terrorism or foul play or anything of that nature >> that was homeland jeh johnson on "morning joe" saying there is no indication of terrorism or
12:29 pm
foul flaplay. the ntsb is on the ground injuring more than 100 people. a 34-year-old mother from hoboken was killed while standing on the flplatform. tammy leitner is live in hoboken. >> reporter: he was injured and taken in the car and released last night. he plays a key in this investigation. investigators want to ask him how much sleep did he got the night before, was he on medication or was he distracted. we are also learning that investigators are finding that this is pretty much a mess inside of there and a lot more to deal with than they thought. there is steel from the train and wires still hanging down and roof collapsed and there is a problem with 100-year-old
12:30 pm
building. they have not been able to get in to the front car to retrieve the black box. they were able to get the black box from the rear car. this black box is crucial and they can tell you how fast the train is going whether there is a mechanical problem. today, we know there are still people in hospital with broken bones and cuts and scrapes and one woman was killed, a local woman here from hoboken, she recently moved here from brazil with her husband and young daughter, she dropped her 18 month old daughter at daycare and rushed to catch this train and her husband was out of town on business and she came back immediately and went to the daycare center and he told the director of the daycare aside and he said to her, how do i
12:31 pm
tell her daughter that her mother just died. kristen. >> so incredibly tragic. thank you for updating us on that story. appreciate it. >> you are looking at the stage in corral springs, florida where any moment hillary clinton is taking the stage. up next, we'll pot on the ballot drums where people are on the polls. we'll go live to jacob soboroff where he's talking to people there with the marijuana dispensary. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ]
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welcome back everyone, you are looking live at chelsea clinton in green bay, wisconsin, talking to young voters. of course, young voters are key for hillary clinton. >> voters in five states will vote on marijuana legalization, maine and massachusetts and california and in evidence.
12:35 pm
this means turn out for younger voters in the states could be up. with more with jacob soboroff, thank you for joining me, big questions of what you are hearing from these voters and also could it impact the presidential race, that's the big question. >> reporter: we are talking about tens of millions of voter that could be voting on full legalization here in nevada. i would like to do my best apple store and the vape pen that you see in front of me is legal. this ballot initiative may bring out young voters coming to the polls. >> we know that hillary clinton is winning over trump but she's not doing quite as well in nevada. will these marijuana voters be hillary clinton voters and help her win in the swing states,
12:36 pm
that's what i came to find out. take a look. >> are you going to vote for marijuana in the ballot. >> yes. >> reporter: which way are you going vote? >> legalization. that's a tough one or are we talking for weed. >> reporter: so you think you will vote for weed and not for president, really? >> bernie sanders if he was still up, ill vote for him. >> reporter: are you going to go out and vote for that and president as well? >> no. >> reporter: so you are not going to vote for president. you will vote for weed but not president. >> not for presidency but marijuana, yes. >> reporter: i got to ask you, how come? >> democrat. you a . >> reporter: you are going to vote for weed? >> yeah, nothing that hillary clinton wants to hear. >> i will say that i have been talking to other folks here throughout the day, you may have
12:37 pm
seen it live, some are going to vote for gary johnson and one gentleman says he's going to vote for donald trump and one woman is voting for hillary clinton and along with marijuana. >> fascinating stuff i think the sound bite of the day is are question talking politics or weed? >> we should start with that. >> you never know. >> jacob wants to pay you a visit, invite him over using the #msnbc. po polls show that hillary clinton is losing in parts of nevada. if you factor in third party candidates, it shrinks to twelve. i want to bring in jeremy, thank you very much, you have a great
12:38 pm
article about this. secretary clinton challenged when it comes to young voters in particular. when you hear those interviews from jacob soboroff where a lot of people are coming out and vote for this weed ballot but not voting for president. what do you make o f that. >> it points to this disillusion of millenials. it is an ironic thing if you think about it. of this group of young people of the driving force behind the movement that's been successful and wall street and they just don't believe in the political process is a way to affect change. so you have them basically sitting out and they're going to sit out the presidential election or vote third party. what is so surprising to me is how little they seem to know history when my colleague, people for the story would ask them, okay, do you remember ralph nator, of course, who
12:39 pm
caused al gore his election in 2000s. ralph who? >> he just don't get it. en you think of the clinton campaign strategy to counter that of those steep odds that you laid out. michelle obama and chelsea clinton which we just played there. does that type of strategy work? bernie sanders helped us get on board with hillary clinton and he's making the case with them. bernie and elizabeth warren are uniquely qualified to make those. i spoke to bernie, look, there are a few people understanding third party than i do. bernie being a member of the socialist party and being independent in congress. i think that bernie is a messenger who has credibility with this group and now all of th
12:40 pm
of -- it will make a difference. i want to shift to the republicans because you and i are talking about what moment and what it means. it feels like after the convention when donald trump picked the fight with the con family. the clinton campaign threw out the bait and he took it. he recovered from that. tomorrow is october 1st, does he have time to recover from this or doing much damage. >> i think it is doing a lot of damage with the first polls that we see coming out after the debate having him down significantly in the states where he's been campaigning the heaviest and michigan and new hampshire and florida. he needs those states. somebody right now in clinton headquarter and brooklyn is rubbing their hand. we got him again. they baited him with cons like we said and this woman of miss universe. what he demonstrated is so damage to his political image is
12:41 pm
that he's incapable of being the bigger person and anything could get under his skin. i think and who knows what tricks hillary has left in her bag. it does not seem donald trump could be able to arraign himself in and not take the bait. >> jeremy peters, great perspective, thanks for coming in. >> thank you, kristen. >> the newspaper is making it clear who they don't want in the white house next year. >> we'll get the details when i am joined by the member of the people's editorial. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. nationalitand i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell.
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ii'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers.age. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. u.s. a today made presidential history this morning for the first time ever, they took side on a presidential race, sort of. the paper of 7 million readers
12:45 pm
did not endorse the candidate. "whatever you do, however resis the sirens on of a dangerous demagogue, by all mean, vote but just not for donald trump." well, trump is not happy with this and tweeting this morning. now, u.s. a today will lose readers. the people get it. >> joining me now to discuss all of this is u.s. a today editori editorial editor, dave, thank you for being here. can you walk through this? >> we have an editorial board that have conservatives and liberals and we have been watching this and fighting about it for years. we never get to a unanimous consensus on anything. and we tried really hard to keep an open mind. we listen through the convention and donald trump went after a gold star family.
12:46 pm
we listened to the first debate and he seems unhinged. when we got in the office the next day, the consensus was easy and everyone agreed that he was not fit to be president. >> why stop at unendorsing trump and why not take that next step of endorsing secretary clinton. i know a lot of newspaper have done that. hillary clinton for the democrats, she's one of the most unpopular and untrusted democrats to run for president in the last 50 years. i think if this had been a normal election and republicans have been running against her, we might have talked about whether she's unfit to be president. everything that hillary clinton has done wrong, donald trump has done ten times worst. >> the question becomes vote, just don't vote for donald trump. if folks are voting for the third party candidates, you're
12:47 pm
effectively voting for donald trump so i guess did you feel that way and did you take that into consideration when you decided not to endorse clinton. >> it matters to a lot of members of the editorial board and a lot of sentiment for endorsing hillary clinton for just that reason. if you are a conservative like i am, when you hear from your friends is if you vote for gary johnson, that's a vote for hillary clinton. i think bothides play that game. vote for gary johnson or jill stein is voting for those candidates. they don't deserve that monopoly own on our votes. let me ask you about potential black lash of the dallas morning news, two typically republican papers, endorsing secretary clinton. it was a big surprise, they gotten some backlash do you
12:48 pm
worry about that? >> we have gotten some backlash and some phone calls saying that people want to get rid of their subscriptions but i have been shocked at how civil it was. i was expecting the death threats and worse. but, i have read the comments and reading my twitter feed and the hate that i was expecting justice not happening. >> dave mastid, thank you very much. >> coming up, it feels like september has full of surprises. who'll resistant, hillary clinton or donald trump? we'll discuss that on the other side of this quick break. these goofy glasses.
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>> it is october and there is talk of an october surprise and every week there is a surprise in this election. are you expecting an october surprise? does it matter at this point? >> we had a surprise virtually every week in this campaign. look at what we were talking about two weeks ago or last week and it's completely different from now. it may be halloween 31 days of the month. >> that's a good way to think about it. let's talk about one of the big headlines and we woke up to the tweet storm about alicia machado and trying to discredit her. how much does this hurt donald trump. some supporters are saying he
12:53 pm
has gone off message when he was pretty good about getting back on message. >> i think what's true when you are in the final days of the campaign is that you have to concentrate on your o ponent and why you will be better for the country than your opponent. what most people are going to vote want to hear is about your opponent's policies and how yours are better. this subject has nothing to do with that. >> it sounds like you are advising him to let the tweet storm go and let the issue go. >> you have to talk about the issues that matter to the american public and that's not personal issues. >> i want to play you something that newt gingrich said and get your reaction on the other side. >> she has a fair chance of winning if they can deep down in the gutter. if he he said she said and a
12:54 pm
personality thing. she has a zero chance of winning if trump can discipline himself and run at a high level. >> do you agree with that assessment and is there enough time for trump to discipline himself? >> there is enough time because there are two debates. what happens a week from sunday night in st. louis and whether that form which is a town hall which means questions from individuals sitting right in front of the candidates who will be expressing what they care about in this country is an opportunity to show substance. the good news for the gingrich strategy is that there are opportunities that everyone will focus on to be able to talk about the substantive. >> all eyes are on the second
12:55 pm
debate. >> well now you know that friend who every wants to leave the big event? imagine that friend is former president bill clinton. after attending the funeral in israel this morning, bill clinton caught a right back to the u.s. with president obama. getting president clinton back on air force one was not such an easy task. take a look. that is incredible video. i think you can argue the only person who could rush a former president along is another president. we'll be right back. the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress.
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>> we are standing by and hillary clinton set to give a speech in coral springs, florida. we are expecting her to give a speech on trump's response to alicia machado calling him more unhinged than ever. we are standing by waiting for that speech. while we do, also on the agenda the debate bounce. they should shown hillary clinton the winner and now we have polls that show the debate may be making her path to 270 much more clear. i will take you through the numbers and what they mean and where they are having an impact. that is ahead. this hour is the deposition. donald trump on the stand. we have new video of trump's
1:00 pm
deposition where he is forced to address the inflammatory comments he made about mexicans. >> have you given thought to the affects that your statement relative to mexicans and immigrants would have on tenants in your current and future projects. >> no, i didn't. i didn't at all. >> don alald trump in a setting are not used to seeing him in. we begin this hour with our top story. burning the midnight oil and taking to twitter over the criticism of his treatment of former miss universe alicia machado. hillary clinton first brought her up four days ago at the very end of that debate. clinton had been hoping to bait trump into some kind of


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